Services and Quality
Metallurgica Veneta S.p.A is a distributing reality that ensures efficiency and quality.
Availability of a large stock of cold-drawn, hot-rolled and forged steel.
A complete range of cold processed products: flats, squares, rounds and hexagonals. Professional technical support to reach any need.
Custom cut up to 1.000 mm diameter. Dimensional controls, mechanical tests, ultrasound according to the specific requests of the customer, demagnetization and anti-mixing controls. Quick material readiness.
Peeling, grinding and heat-treatment services. Induction quenching and tempering, normalization and stress-relieving.

Our company has always chosen quality as a philosophy to establish a relationship of trust between supplier and customer.

Our sales organization operates a Quality System complying with ISO standards: this allows us to maintain a prestigious company image on the market.

See ISO Certification 9001:2015

See Handbook of Theoretical Weights

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